Grey House Journal was started on January 30, 2009 when I was in the middle of a five year long divorce. It served as pressure release valve. For as long as I can recall, I’ve kept a diary or journal. As time went by, I began “finding” the “me” I’d lost for so many years. Online friendships formed, all reinforcing the positive in life.

Yesterday I decided to preview the “new” Blogger since it appeared they would be changing in April whether you wanted to or not. A word of advice, don’t go there. Blogger made the “preview” permanent and deleted all the design elements including my header, sidebar as well as change all the colors on my blog. So I find myself starting over…from scratch. Being new to WordPress, my initial posts will be rather simple until I learn the ropes.  It’ll take a bit of doing to restore what was in the sidebar, I hope you’ll be patient.

I could look at this as a negative but I’ve chosen to consider it an education. Never hurts to learn something new. Plus I was getting a bit tired and was contemplating a new look. Surprise…I’m getting one! The photo of Grey House will be missed, since it was lost when my Macbook died last July. But change is the only thing that’s constant I guess.

This “theme” on WordPress appears to offer a wider column which I’ve been wanting for a while now but not knowing CSS, didn’t want to risk goofing things up. This also comes just in time for my new photography class taken through Besotted Brand blog. This is photo for the class. I’m so excited.


So for a while you may just see a lot of photos, not sure. Supposedly there’s supposed to be a “preview” button one can hit before publishing the post, but darned if I can find it. Any help or ideas?