Okay, there’s a certain learning curve on WordPress. Just had a whole post set to go and suddenly something made it vanish in a puff of smoke. All right, not a puff of smoke but it had the same effect…gone!

Think I’m just a little nervous because I’m rather tech-challenged and found out yesterday that I had to have a Flickr account for the photography class I’m taking. Eek! So spent today signing up and trying to learn my way around Flicker. Nothing like a little pressure. Figure out Flickr while finding my way around Word Press and taking the class. Piece of cake. Not. Well, it’ll keep me off the streets for a while 😉

One other thing I did was spend several hours going through about 300 of the 500 plus posts on my old blog. After following the links Bella Karma so kindly sent me (thank you!!) I only found 24 of the lost blog photos, so I culled the posts. It’s amazing how much has gone on since the beginning of 2009! Who knew I could write so much?

I did find a number of photos that could be retrieved so I loaded five of them onto Flickr per it’s instructions. Something about having to post five before the stream would be publicly visible. As I said, tech-challenged.

Anyhow, I’ll post a few now just to get a little practice inserting a pic into this blog.


Angel is first up. She was the sweetest love but with the softest fur I ever felt. Loved her to pieces. She went over the rainbow bridge September 7, 2006. Miss her so!Image

Next is a shot of some gorgeous petunias from 2007.

Well, time to go forage for some dinner. Hope you all have a good weekend! And thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate your company