Posted:  April 6, 2012

Where has the time flown? It was just Monday!

Actually I know exactly where the time went…to the reading of camera manuals, WordPress “help” and getting used to Flickr and Pinterest.

The 10-12 year old camera I’m used to using doesn’t seem to have the ability to lay a “rule of thirds” grid over the LCD screen and so I have to use the other P&S, a Canon. I don’t care for it because of all the little pictures and combos thereof and menus, etc. that you have to search through in the 137 page manual and the 24 page basic manual. Makes me feel like Lloyd Bridges (aka Mike Nelson) in a kelp field on Sea Hunt. Scenes like this gave me the creeps as a little kid…and still do!

Oh, hey, I just found out how to change a date on a post in WordPress this very second! Hey, it is a big deal, I’ve been hunting for it all week! 🙂 However it still doesn’t change the date at the beginning of the post for some reason…hmmm?

Back to photography. I was so excited to take the photo class but have had “writers” block all week. Sigh. Quite annoying. Yesterday when I was out shopping for edibles, I found myself pricing flowers and plants to use in photos. I even bought brown eggs, a bag of small arrow shaped sweet peppers (reds and oranges), and tomatoes to play around with.

In the past the container garden in the back provided plenty of material but now that it’s a wasteland, not so much. Two assignments are due by Saturday night so time’s running out! Eek!

I’ll be updating you with whatever I can muster together for tomorrow’s deadline. Will be shooting outside so that I don’t have to look up balancing the different kind of lighting. Wish me luck! Funny, I actually thought of dragging out my old film SLR and using that. So much easier!!

Note:  Since WordPress still posts things I write with the next day’s date on them at times, I will be posting the date I actually posted an article at the beginning of it. At least till I figure WP’s time stamping out.