Waving PalmsThe last hour has been spent trying to figure out how to upload photos from my computer to the side bar but with no luck. So I’m posting one of my images here at the beginning of the post. It has absolutely nothing to do with the post but I just want an image. You know how sometimes, words just aren’t that satisfying and you really just want need some eye candy? The above photo is “Waving Palms”.

After a day of looking at words and boring ones at that (camera manuals), last night I needed a break, so watched “The Mermaid Chair” on Hulu. It was “ok” but only that. Was going to watch another recorded program but auto play popped up with “Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy” starring Christina Applegate. It’s a real life story of a Geralyn Lucas, who at the age of only 27 faces breast cancer and a mastectomy.

Since there have been issues in this area for a number of years (all benign,no worries) I was intrigued. Let me tell you right here…m.a.j.o.r. tear-jerker. If you need a release and a good cry, tune in. It’s not Oscar material but if you’ve been near that edge, great for flushing out any negative energy, tension and stress.

It’s also a perfect diorama of what women face from doctors and surgeons at such gateways. Just like lawyers, very little “real” info and in the “people’s English” is provided by professionals.

One of my favorite scenes was her in a taxi with a Cuban taxi driver when the song La Bamba comes on the radio. (Ironic note:  the singer, Ritchie Valens died at the age of 17 in a plane crash.) The driver turns it up and wants her to enjoy it as much as he does. She however, is fighting back tears and asks the driver to turn it down. When he doesn’t and enthusiastically goes on about how everyone should dance, she finally blurts out about loosing a breast.

He turns to look at her and while looking back brings the taxi to a screeching halt at the side of the road. He jumps out of the taxi and runs around to her side. She’s thinking “mugging” or such. Turns out he tells her his story of testicular cancer, losing one “ball” and smiling confides that people say he’s a much better dancer now and more. Go watch the movie, it’s too long to write out but the encouragement and picture of strength he gives her is wonderful.

An amazing story!