Having little to no family, being invited to a neighbor’s family gathering meant A LOT to me! The lovely people who gave me this gift were P and A who rent the other house on this property. Things like this always amaze me. For a brief while it seemed like we all shifted back to the 1900’s when life was slower (or so it seemed), people didn’t lock their doors, neighbors looked out for each other, exchanged house keys and gas cost less than $0.40 per gallon.

There were about 20 people and I only knew about four of them, but they all made me feel very welcome and comfortable. My plan was to spend maybe an hour or so but four hours later I was still there. The food, company and conversation were so pleasant.

One of the guests, a cousin, had a birthday so there was cake and happy birthday singing. The cake(s) were from Gelson’s. The one I especially liked had a spring green fondant frosting with marzipan that looked kind of like this:Inside was a super light yellow cake with a layer of raspberries and whipped cream. Oh my! Frankly, I could have easily downed over half in one sitting but controlled myself and took the little wedge I was given. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

The cake looked sort of like the one above but more domed, like a derby hat. Found the above image here, at a blog titled “littlebirdbakes”. The link shows you the steps in making the cake above, can’t imagine making the frosting. According to P’s mom who brought the cakes, it involves a lot of pounding the ingredients together.

This set me off on a fondant hunting expidition via Google and Martha Stewart. All the images can be found Googling “Martha Stewart cakes” and selecting “photos”. The number of pics is simply mind-boggling, like the following…

Okay, the image above isn’t fondant, it’s just really cute and colorful!Anyhow,  it was a lovely afternoon sitting in the dappled sunlight under the huge avocado tree. As time passed it began cooling a bit making it a truly perfect day!