Written:  4/13/12 @ 12:50 p.m.

Friday the 13th has never ever bothered me until today. I just had this “gut” feeling to lay low (lie low?). Maybe it’s the weather. No idea why. So I did. Hopefully everyone had a fine day and all is well with you!

So. Cal. finally had a bit of winter for the last 36 hours! Actual thunderstorms with real Midwestern-type thunder…lots of noise…much to Mr. Blue’s extreme dismay. He was up most of the night, barking at it. Just like he does when he’s outside and a helicopter flies over. Hysterical to see, but not fun in the middle of the night.

The sky opened up and it literally POURED! The little beast was simply beside himself barking and crying at the loud claps. Of course, this woke me up more than the thunder!! Thunder, no big deal. Little dog barking and screaming, BIG DEAL!

It seemed like the thunder timed itself to really “crack” just as I was falling asleep and thus set the little guy off on another fit. Having adopted four dogs by now, I would give anything to hear their stories and what made them who they are.

Rescues are such amazing beings. It seems they “know” what you’ve done and the love is even more unconditional than those raised from pups. Can’t explain it. I’ve had both and the rescues were far more devoted. Really can’t explain it. Maybe I’m just anthropomorphizing more than I should.

Alas, we can’t know that until we cross “the bridge” and meet them again…but then I’m thinking it probably really won’t matter. We’ll all be together. Sigh….

So that was my Friday the 13th. How was yours?

P.S. ADOPT / RESCUE / SAVE !!!!!!!