Yes, it would seem winter is here, after an incredibly mild and what I’d call fake winter. Today was chilly. Last night it was in the low 40’s (4.4C)…brrrr. Today the sky couldn’t make it’s mind up.

It flitted between blue skies and stormy clouds finally settling on gloominess. The grass is so sad looking and the unpainted cedar (?) fence only accentuates the overall pall. 

The “golden hour” between 6 and 7 p.m. looked anything but golden. Even the birds are staying “home”. Same with the squirrels. Of course the opossum was out last night skulking about despite the rain and wet grounds.

Of late, I’ve taken to turning on the back porch spotlight, before letting Blue out since the overly large rat with a white face aka opossum, is out there most nights before bed. The darn varmint “freezes” and is a sitting duck for Blue. I, however, don’t want the little red sheriff to tangle with the trespasser and possibly cost me a trip to the emergency night vet. Too $$$$!

Read that hissing makes them “un-freeze” and run. Guess what? It does! Sends it loping clear across the yard and up into a palm where it stays while the sheriff does his business. Whew! Potential disaster averted.

This weather isn’t helping me make any headway on the container garden which is frustrating. 

It really is a disaster and I don’t want to go through summer with it looking like this. It’s just too depressing looking. No amount of sun will make it look cheerier.

Plus there’s quite a bit that has just decomposed over the last year and a half like the wicker planter in the left of the pic. Hopefully we’ll get some nice days in the 70’s which would be perfect for gardening. Till then, I’ll have to be content looking at garden blogs and catalogs.