The dynamics of families still throw me. Especially what’s left of my dysfunctional family. It’s been over two and a half months since my only niece moved to LA and do you think any of the five people comprising her family has had the courtesy to say a thing. Hello? I live in LA….  Found out via FaceBook. At least it’s useful for something. Twits.

Add this little insult to the verbal injury bestowed upon me by my little brother and well, let’s just say I need to share some photos with you.  😉 And here’s another view.

Sometimes one just needs to vent and I think this is at least a more constructive way than most. It’s fun and funny. Why cry when you can laugh? Think about it. These photos are from my family’s vacation to Expo 67.

This is the vacation where my dad got the bright idea to stay with a couple who advertised a room in their house to stay at since hotel space was at a minimum in Quebec. Again, you gotta’ laugh…turns out it was an older couple who had a small dog. Okay, not a big deal.

But what sent my dad over the edge was that at all meals (which were included) the little fur-ball was seated in a toddler’s chair and ate off the table with everyone else. Six humans and one canine all seated for dinner, wish I had a photo of that! It was hysterical, especially my father’s reaction to it and he could hardly complain to them. It did set the mood for the whole week though.

Usually we didn’t have to look at the glum expression above till the last day or so of the vacation when my dad got back in the “work” mode. We’re on the monorail here.

This is my mom with bed head, trying to ignore the grumpy one. Another monorail photo.

And last, here’s moi, totally annoyed with them all! Especially my insane little brother. Note the forced smile. Ah, life is such a strange journey.