Let’s see, Friday and Saturday it was hotter than hades, as predicted. In this little burb it was worse (believe it or not) than the forecast. It hit the upper 90’s (36+C). I’m sorry, but that’s just not right for April. This does not bode well for what the summer might have to offer. Not at all…not in the least….

Been M.I.A. from the blog for a few days due to unforeseen events. It seems this week, I’m continuing on with the theme from my last post of “life is a strange journey”. That, or the universe decided to help me celebrate tax day with a crash. Actually, probably not quite what you may think. It’s just another chapter in the challenge with my knee and balance.

While in my narrow, railroad kitchen, I took a tumble off a step stool and falling backwards, ripped the back of my head open on the tile counter edge and corner of a large carved chest. Ouch!Source:  http://homesofrehobothbeach.com/frankford-de-real-estat/A railroad kitchen is sort of like the photo above, but mine is half the width from side to side and not as long.

Do you have any idea how much a head-wound can bleed? An extremely inordinate amount. Gilda said it best:  “it’s always something”.

So I called 911 for an ambulance to the ER. I really didn’t want to spend the money, but at least I had the brains to realize that driving would not be in anyone’s best interest. I also had the forethought to tether Mr. Blue to a bed post so he wouldn’t freak out the paramedics. Then, wrapped my head in a towel, unlocked the front door, and sat by it, to wait for them.

The EMT’s were quite kind to Blue and put him in the back porch “run” with a little bowl of water.  He spent a night “camping out” which, when you’re a house dog like him, wasn’t his idea of fun. He’s been glued to me since.

Don’t even want to think of the bills that will be blanketing my doorstep in the days and weeks to come. I remember the cost of a trip in an ambulance after being rear-ended by a semi…$1,000.00 to go less than 1.5 miles and that was 12 years ago.

After stitches, staples, and a diagnosis of concussion, a very dear friend picked me up from the hospital at 6:30 in the morning. The woman is an absolute saint! I am so fortunate for her friendship.

As a result of this little incident, staring at the computer screen hurt my eyes and head, so I took a wee break from blogging.

The whole thing reminded me of a sign behind the desk of John Larroquette’s character on the TV show, Night Court…”This is a dark ride“. Take the time to check the second link for the definition of dark ride, it’s rather interesting.

Last Friday, my dear friend once again, came to my rescue and took me to the doctor to have my stitches checked and get groceries at 4:30 p.m. on Friday in LA (a true nightmare in the sense of traffic). She was a life saver since the air conditioning in my car is broken and two of four windows don’t function.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and today is overcast and rainy. Okay, drizzle-y, not rainy. So in a period of four days temps here have varied over 30 degrees! Crazy. Meantime, the East coast is being hit with a nor’easter as I write, with tens of thousands without power up and down the whole Eastern seaboard. Crazy.

Sorry, no original pics to offer. Well, that was my week…how was yours? Better by far I hope! For now, stay well and happy.