Okay, so I won’t have the bolts in my neck. Lol! Photo source.

Hope this post finds everyone well and happy! Last night I got the first semi-decent sleep in well over a week. My entire skull finally stopped feeling like an open wound. Not the best sleep I’ve ever had but I’ll take it over no sleep any day night! Tomorrow all the thread and metal are due to come out, so this morning and afternoon were spent trying to find a doctor or clinic that would take out the staples and sutures.

The low-cost clinic I go to didn’t have a staple removal kit so they couldn’t help me. Called a dozen or so doctors and/or clinics but all of them insisted either that I make an appointment as a new patient and then make another one, per the doctor’s orders for suture removal…or…they bluntly said they wouldn’t touch another doctor’s/clinic’s work.

My mind was quacking at them, “but it was the ER”. Didn’t matter. Isn’t that just bizarre? What am I to do? Go back to the ER and sit in the waiting room, hoping they’ll be able to see a reasonably “well” patient vs. emergencies? I’d be there till 9 p.m. at least. Totally frustrating.

Finally, feeling like I was going to wind up living the rest of my life looking like Frankenstein with staples and stitches, I called my doctor of 20+ years to see if they could recommend someone/something. I try not to use them since they stopped participating in any insurance plan and so are very pricey.

About 4 p.m. I found an inexpensive Buddhist clinic approximately five suburbs over that could and would do it and so I made an appointment. Finally.

Then at about 6:45 my old doctor’s office called back and said they could do the removal. So I scheduled an appointment. Now the quandary…which one should I go to?

Do I choose an unknown and save some money or go with a known and spend more? After tossing the pros and cons about, the choice was made. Forego a few other semi-necessary expenses in favor of a known. So, for example, I’ll get the car’s air conditioning fixed but skip the two passenger side windows for now.

With that decision made, I relaxed and drifted off to sleep. When one is already stressed out, sometimes the tradeoff is worth it don’t you think?