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As you read this boring and potentially “not-pretty” post, please keep in mind that I write this blog mainly for me and if anyone comes along for the ride I’m tickled to pieces and thank you.

Looking back, the last year has been an interesting introduction to a number of different cultures as well as ways around insurance restrictions in the U.S. healthcare system.

As you know, I usually don’t comment on religion or politics here since I believe in my mom’s adage, “to each, their own”. However, after the health related events of the last week or so plus finding a “simplified” version of Obama’s healthcare plan, I just have to let out a quack or two.

Upon reading the article, it sounded like I might actually benefit from the overhaul of the system…but then, the authors are all lawyers so you never really know…until it’s law and then it’s too late. No offense to any of my readers, but based on personal experience, I would never trust a lawyer again in this lifetime. I’m sure there are reputable professionals out there, but I have yet to meet any.

I now understand why years ago, an aunt who went through a horrid divorce in which she lost almost everything, chose to go back to school at the age of 60 for her law degree. She told my dad she had concluded one has to be a lawyer just to deal with them. My own experience is that, at best, they “error” on the side of omission for their own benefit. The client is secondary. Again, just my opinion.

Anyhow, I went to my doctor of 20+ years today. She removed eight staples…but had to leave four in since the (sorry to speak of gross things) scab was so thick and wide, it started bleeding again. She did take most of the blue sutures out too. Why don’t they use some fun colors for stitches? Like lime green or magenta? If you were to break a bone they give you an assortment of colors for your cast. Just a thought. Monday I go back for the last few bits of metal and thread to be extracted. By then, hopefully they’ll be easier to get at.

I’m glad I didn’t plan anything else for the day because by the time I got home it was major head-icing and nap time. Poor Blue is bored out of his little mind and really needs a mani-pedi badly! 😦  Somehow, I don’t think he’d consider a trip to the groomer a substitute for playtime.

P.S. Speaking of lawyers, I have to insert a small, rather unrelated comment on the concept of “what goes around, comes around”. The uncle who left my aunt (my dad’s sister) was found three years after leaving her, slumped over the steering wheel of an old Ford Pinto in an empty parking lot, alone and penniless. He had a heart attack. My aunt lived into her late 80’s surrounded by friends and family. She passed away in her sleep.

It would seem pay-back can indeed be a @#tch.