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It’s 5:05 a.m. on Monday and I have yet to fall asleep. Ever feel like the universe is conspiring with daily events in an effort to get you to change? Well, after being told my left knee was shot from osteoarthritis and a knee replacement was warranted as well as my recent fall, I’ve decided to take the hint and alter my way of eating. My hope is that losing about 20 to 30 pounds may help my knee by taking some of the weight off of it.

Read an article earlier today on msn.com about arthritis which I found interesting. Turns out that “Americans are getting arthritis of the knee at younger ages”. A study showed “the average age [of diagnosis for knee osteoarthritis]…was 69 in the 1990’s. By the current decade the average was 56”. Not a good trend.

Another article associated with this one suggested that “every pound lost takes 4 pounds of stress off your knees”. Now that’s something to think about. Began to change my eating habits two weeks ago. I refuse to say I’m on a diet because that’s not a real solution. I need to eat differently from now on. So far, I’ve lost three or four pounds depending on whose scale I use.

In the past I’ve successfully lost weight (only to put it slowly back on again). The one thing I noticed about the process is that I get inordinately cold and can’t warm up. That’s one of the problems tonight. I’m freezing despite adding wool socks, sweat pants, and a heavy fleece hoodie over my sleep shirt and donning fingerless gloves. This is more than I wear to bed in winter. Plus, I still have the three layers of blankets and quilts on the bed that saw me comfortably from November through two weeks ago. It’s not even as cold tonight!

Since sleep is apparently not on the horizon, I decided to get up and write as I watch the sky get lighter and brighter. It’s not like I’m hungry either. Note:  I just pulled the sweatshirt hood up and wrapped a pashmina shawl around my neck and shoulders. Oh, for an electric blanket.

Of course the fact that often in Spring I get an all-over break out of psoriasis which itches like mad, does not help in the least. Mutter, mutter, mutter…grump, grump…whine, whine…. Okay, you can roll your eyes now.

What’s annoying to know is that in a very short amount of time I’ll be whimpering about the heat…I’m such a weather wuss. Won’t deny it. That’s why I left the Northern Midwest for California.

Blue is visibly annoyed with me since wrestling around trying to drift off has kept him up all night, so neither of us is getting any form of sleep. Right now the poor little guy is pacing about. I’m sure someone out there is thinking “warm milk” (for me) would do the trick. All I have at the moment is chocolate and I’m on my second glass of that. Wish I had some turkey for the classic Thanksgiving L-Tryptophan effect.

It’s not like I can sleep in either, if and when I drift off. Have to be at the doctor’s at 11 this morning to get the rest of the stitches and staples out followed by running an errand and getting gas. And putting the rest of the garbage out. Can’t imagine why I see a long afternoon nap in my future.

Just out of idle curiosity, does any of this ever happen to you? And if so, what do you find that helps?