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After yesterday’s grumpy, witchy post I decided to ignore my family totally and focus on happier things. So I visited my blog friends. Was checking out my favs this morning and stopped by Andrea Paulin’s Under a Blue Moon. Her Friday Favorites are the best. I’d never find all the cool sites she does! This week was no exception. Take a look at this bathroom from Apt. Therapy titled “Don’t look down”.

No kidding! Don’t look down is good advice. I could never use that room! Would just freak me out every time. At first I thought it was a mirrored floor but no…check the link above out for the full story.

Then there’s the measuring spoons she found at Anthropologie which are just as enchanting as the set of ceramic measuring cups that my friend has from there.

About a year ago, I house and dog sat for her for two weeks while she was in Russia and I was sooo tempted to make them just vanish into my bag! But I didn’t. I simply drool when I see them. Check out the other measuring cups, looks like more fun ones have been added since I last checked!

She listed a few other links that you should check out too. You must check out the YouTube video on “silk-less corn husking” that’s linked at her site, it’s amazing! Can’t wait to try it, since we know how much I love fresh corn! And corn season is right around the corner…saw some 2 for $1.00 ears the other day but they’re still a little too young when you peek inside at the kernels.

Oh, and the week before Andrea found Anthropologie’s Pinterest page! Really, check out previous Friday posts on her blog. You won’t regret it!

While we’re talking links here are a few pics that I’ve saved under Inspiration or Fashion. Sorry but this was before Pinterest found me, so I don’t know the artist behind some of the photos. If you do, please let me know so I can credit them! Thanks, and enjoy!

The photo above is tagged MattW if that helps.

This is from The Sartorialist at the Preen fashion show. Stunning. Haven’t seen smocking in ages! If you want a running visual commentary on current fashion check out this blog!!