Well, I didn’t drive to Las Vegas today. My earlier post with youtube clips of The Beatles singing assorted versions of “Birthday” took the edge off and I decided to sleep in. Very, very enjoyable. Amazingly, Blue joined me by curling up on the rug right next to me!

I have to say that if my mom were still alive she’d have brained Rusty by now. Just sayin’. The little Twit.

I want to thank everyone who stopped by and “liked” or “followed” my recent posts! Love meeting people and getting to enjoy their blogs. So, thanks to Yummy Chunklet, britneyana, MK and Company Interior Design and Decoration, Gentlemeter, astimegoesbuy, Beingzhenya, monicaali, 7theaven and Kashfi Fahim!ย And an extra thank you to britneyana, Yummy Chunklet and Joanne for their comments! I think that’s everyone! Please let me know if I missed somebody.

All of you made today very special just by taking the time out of your day to say “hello”!

“Friends are the family you choose for yourself.” Amen.

This is my gift for you today…magic! LOVE this photo! Enjoy and give yourself a hug! You deserve it.

Source: Little Brown Pen