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Cluck-Cluck Pie

You’d think by now I’d have learned. May is simply not a good month for me anymore. (It really used to be.) My parents’ deaths are bookends that sandwich in their anniversary (would have been their 70th), Mother’s day and my birthday…all in 29 short days.

The year has 365 days…couldn’t the above space things out a bit more??? I mean…sheesh!!

It must stress me out more than I realize because almost every May either allergies or a cold hit me and within two days, bam, bronchitis. This almost inevitably turns into pneumonia. So very annoying because other than that I really don’t get sick, knock on wood…ever. Very fortunate in that respect.

But the Spring bout is a royal pain because it totally wipes me out, lasts about six to eight weeks and requires three to five rounds of antibiotics and a nebulizer. It renders me a useless bag of bones.

Yesterday, I went to the cheap clinic and sure enough, bronchitis. Since I’m not feeling better today, I had to call and cancel George for Friday. Don’t like doing that to someone but I don’t want to share germs or get myself even sicker since I know how easily this can slide into the p word.

Neatness and a lighter load will have to wait for another week it would seem. Hopefully it’ll only be a week.

On my way home yesterday, I stopped and bought some chicken breasts and since we’ve been blessed with some lovely cool weather, I’ll be making Chicken and Dumplings. So easy to throw together and such a wonderful comfort food.

Not so fast Missy…forgot I cleaned out the veggie and fruit bins therefore…no carrots, so I may be making my version of Chicken Pot Pie which would be equally delicious. Kind of like a warm blankie.