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Since I’m feeling a bit under the weather, I really shouldn’t have read this article on msnbc.msn.com, “The 9 nastiest things in your super market”.

G. R. O. S. S. So very, very gross. “Pink Slime” had my skin crawling a few months ago and I stopped purchasing any beef, but the above article just totally did me in!

Ages ago, I used to love MacDonald’s shakes till a certain chemical engineer informed me that one of the ingredients used to thicken the shake was the same as one of the ingredients in napalm. Having grown up during the Vietnam war, this visual had a very disturbing impact on me. No more shakes.

But time has a way of making you forget things until you run across enough instances of things like food adulterating to make you finally take your head out of the sand. Reading this article was disturbing. I’d heard some of the nefarious items mentioned but this just takes the cake (mix probably made with GMO ingredients).

So now, not only do I have to find beef without antibiotics, growth hormones, de-worming medicine, pink slime, glue and so on, but, no more instant oatmeal, foreign shrimp or fish, canned anything (BPA), turkey, frozen berries, or lettuce grown in California’s agricultural regions (I mean, rocket fuel…seriously?).

I recall, years ago, driving down the 710 to work when suddenly the freeway looked like a snow storm. Only problem…it was white feathers not snow and it came from trucks labeled “Zacky Farms” hauling a loads of exposed wire pens (just like the photo above) containing chickens. What was even more disturbing than the “snow” was seeing several with their heads hanging out the cage, bobbing in the wind.

Never bought Zacky anything again. At the time, info on the inhumane raising of chickens, called “battery cage chicken farming” wasn’t readily available. In the past, I thought it was safe to just eat unadulterated chicken (I actually called the producers and inquired specifically what was given to their chickens) and that ground sirloin was just that. Apparently not. Are we all to leave the cities and buy a small farm, set up co-ops and so on? Of late, I’m blown away by the insidiously invisible vise-like grip corporations have on daily living.

But there’s a part of me wondering if (once again) the media is walking hand in hand with those corporations and manipulating the public into buying more and more expensive products. That or what is the agenda at work here?

Prior to my post on April 29 of this year, when the blogger from Soulsby Farm made a comment and thus introduced me to the treacherous spread of GMO products, particularly corn (it’s in everything), I really have to say I’ve been way too trusting. Too trusting of government agencies existing to supposedly protect the public. That’s a real urban myth.

What this little rant will accomplish, I don’t know. Maybe it’s a tiny memorial to all the creatures that are raised in abhorrent conditions (won’t even broach the subject of cows) by the corporate giants. I know I’ll be looking at what I buy and eat a whole lot more carefully from now on because it’s obvious that just becoming a vegetarian of any sort isn’t enough…rocket fuel, really!? Sheesh!

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