Just a head’s up.

Photo Source (yes, I know it’s a colon but work with me…need some levity here)

There’s nothing like a summer cold…unless it’s bronchitis trying to make it’s debut as pneumonia. Yuck. Seems this happens almost every May or thereabouts which I find incredibly annoying.

Since last Wednesday (a week ago not yesterday), when I went to the clinic and received antibiotics, I’ve been laying low…sleeping pretty much all the time. So for a wee bit I will be “enjoying” (not really) our overly early summer in the mid to high 90’s in my bed, hoping to keep the germoids at bay.

Since I’ve had more experience with this ick than one would ever need (or want for that matter), I’m trying to just “go with it” vs. ignoring it and ending up worse.

I’ll be getting extremely bored and so may post here or there but no promises. Just a “fun” fact…your blogs will be the highlight of my day so keep those posts coming!  😉  Seriously!  🙂

P.S. Couldn’t resist the photo above 😉  !