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Saturday, June 2

I knew I wouldn’t last long without writing….  🙂

All my fav blogs have been read and now the weekend is upon us when most people are busy doing all the things they couldn’t get to during the week so I know I won’t have a lot of new reading material in the next two days.

Did go through a rather large backlog of emails on the account I use for subscribing to commercial sites. It’s sooo much easier having a separate account for my personal email!

Okay…continued on Monday, June 4. I guess I didn’t get as far on a weekend post as I thought I’d get. Still fighting the “summer ick”. Need to pull myself together so I can go out and get some stuff to eat. Times when we all need a “rent-a-mom”. Feels like the Okefenokee swamp (“…one of America’s most unspoiled, fascinating and precious natural areas. It is the largest, intact, un-fragmented freshwater and black water wilderness swamp in North America“) has taken up residence in my lungs.

And now it’s Wednesday, June 6, I’m bored out of my mind and still hacking up a lung. Thank you to everyone who wrote a post or two in the last three days! I’ve even been checking out bookmarked blogs that I haven’t looked at in a long time, like Target Addict which led me to the website “Amy Smyth Made It”.

It’s the website for a greeting card company now carried by Target. This in turn, led me to a two page blog for the company. The blog contains what must be “over-the-top or rejected” card ideas. Frankly, I thought they were better than the ones that were published! My favorite was the one listing all kinds of cheese on the cover and among the names is the phrase “Cheese is My Heroin“. There’s also “Do you guys know what sewing is? A girl at work just fixed my pants with a string and some kind of a tiny sword. It was like magic!

Love the last one ‘cuz it reminds me of the time a female bank teller was excitedly relaying to me how her new boyfriend fixed her blouse by sewing up a seam that had come apart. She continued on about how happy she was, because in the past if something tore or a button came off a blouse, she’d have to go out and buy a new blouse!

Needless to say I just looked at her and my jaw had to be hanging open. I recall smiling rather incredulously and saying “how nice”. Thinking back on that, I really have to say that cutting the Arts including Home Ec in school is not fine…but I see the inane left-brained logic of this thinking (this link includes a brain test, BTW). (And here’s another quiz, are you balanced brain-wise?) But seriously, at least one “life skills” class should be required.

Let’s see, at least include the following:  how to boil water and an egg, how to thread a needle (plus where to get sewing supplies), how to make a running stitch, balance a checkbook, read a map, differentiate North from South and East from West. Just a few very basic things that make life easier IMO. Of course there are those who’d subscribe to another of the Amy Smyth Made It card’s philosophy. “I’m done learning new things until someone can prove to me that we won’t have Google forever.

Well, now you see what happens when I’m bored…I just blather on and on. That or all this coughing has rattled my brain. Which just reminded me of a Jerry Lee Lewis tune. 🙂