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Horse in Town

Bit the bullet yesterday and called for an appointment with my doctor of 20+ years who no longer takes any insurance. Yeah, that’s how rotten I feel. Usually she’ll just call meds in over the phone and doesn’t insist on seeing me. She must need the business.

While waiting in a room that had paper-thin walls, I got to hear an older lady repeatedly tell her daughter how she does three or four crossword puzzles a day and how someone at the nursing home doesn’t believe her. Makes me hope I never have to go that route. And I really need to get a new battery for my watch. No idea how long I waited. Felt like one of many planes queued up for take-off. You know how you sit in the cabin on the runway inhaling the exhaust fumes of all the planes ahead of you and that’s what you smell like when you deplane?

Really thought the summer ick had progressed to pneumonia because my voice is hoarse due to all the coughing. But no, thank goodness. While there, I asked if whatever I had was “going around”. Why yes, it was. Oh goody. Summer illnesses just leave so very much to be desired. Who wants to curl up under the covers in hot weather? Hot tea with honey? A nice warm bowl of chicken soup? Don’t think so.

So, more drugs and plenty of fluids. Funny, she asked if I wash my hands. How often? With what? Let’s see…if I pet Blue, I have to wash my hands. If I didn’t and touched my eye(s), the result would be poof…swollen, itchy eyeballs. Softsoap sits at the ready in the bath and kitchen. In fact, since I pet Blue quite a bit, I wash my hands so often that they wind up getting chapped. Sitting by the soap in each area is also a dispenser of Aveeno hand cream. It’s something I buy at Costco in a two-pack.

On top of that I take advantage of the wipes provided at most stores and found near the grocery carts. I even carry individually wrapped wipes with me…just in case. She shook her head and looked like she didn’t believe me. Who knows what was going on in her brain. Normally she’s not so obtuse and doesn’t fixate on just one thing. But then, what can I say, we’re all in the same boat…a little bit older…a little bit odder.

Oh, I almost forgot! As I backed out my drive this morning, I had to pause, not for a passing car, but because a man with a cowboy hat on a horse was trotting by on the street. I know a horse-y community is adjacent to the town I live in but never saw one this far into town!

You can kind of see the guy on the horse through my filthy windshield in the pic above. See the black car about 3 houses (yes, houses, not horses) ahead of me? Just to the right of it is the rider in a tan shirt and hat on a tan horse. Yeah, rather crumby pic but try to get your camera out, open, aim through the viewfinder (LED screen doesn’t work) and not drift into one of those parked cars while coughing a lung up!

See? Dead center. Man on horse in town.

And no, I don’t have a smart cell phone, mine doesn’t even take photos! The trusty 10 year old Olympus has served me well!