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Rather pricy…depending on your veterinarian.

Lately it’s been hotter than normal, so at night when it cools down I’ve been opening the back and front doors to get rid of some of the day’s heat. This evening I went to my front door to see what Blue was having a barking fit about. Almost screamed.

Trotting by the front steps was a huge rat! It froze. Hah! Dead give-away. I hissed at it and it scurried around the corner to escape. Like I would really try to capture it…. So, not a rat after all, but a juvenile opossum! No mama in sight, it was all on it’s own.

Mr. Blue has been scratching the last two days and earlier today I found an evil bloodsucking flea on him which I promptly crushed. So now I have to find a vet in order to buy Frontline. I blame it all on the opossum gang and their traipsing through my totally fenced and locked backyard for the last few weeks. Flea ridden varmints!

Since my veterinarian of 30 years has retired…

My retired vet, Dr. M.

I’ve been a bit lax in finding a new one. It’s almost as bad as finding a new doctor for myself. So when I called a few to see if I could buy some Frontline, I hit the proverbial wall. All insisted on an office visit with the little canine before giving out a prescription. Even explaining my knee problem didn’t help. After an hour of calling around asking (as well as getting quotes on neutering; I won’t bring him back to the pound to have him fixed) I gave up…

…the last call was to a vet I took Alpine to one time. Now I remembered why I didn’t go back! Neutering was over $500!!! After I recovered, I commented that it seemed a little over-priced. The receptionist told me the doctor was very highly rated and used everything on the critters during any procedure that a doctor of humans would. I’m sorry, that’s just crazy.

Don’t want to sound heartless and would do almost anything for Blue, but it is a dog for heaven’s sake. That’s what I liked about my now-retired vet, he was practical and realistic. He did not anthropomorphize animals. He treated them with respect but was pragmatic about weighing the cost of care with age, particular medical issue and so on.

One site began with a photo of a scratching doglet titled, “Your dog’s scratching may be a sign of something more serious…is your pet at risk?”. The site then went on to list all the things it might be. Now you know that if you went there, they’d go overboard with tests and so on. No, thank you.

But Blue needed something. I couldn’t bear to see him so uncomfortable. I recalled a coupon I received in the mail from Unleashed offering a pound of free treats! Called and asked about having to see a vet first. Bingo! They have a permit to sell Frontline without an exam. I just had to put this out there for those who may find themselves in a similar position. Yay for Petco and Unleashed!

So I’m no closer to finding a new vet, but at least there’s an answer to the most immediate problem.