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Up fairly early today and was greeted by a tomato plant covered in ready to pick fruits. In all 14 red orbs! Put 6 in a bag for my friend and one in my mouth. Yes, odd breakfast…tomato followed by an orange juice chaser.

Yet another tomato photo….  🙂

The summer ick seems to have left, well, all but the cough. While out of action, my list for Costco had grown quite long and I did not look forward to hoofing it alone. Mentioned this last week to a friend. Turns out her list had grown too, so she suggested we go together.

While there I noticed they started carrying Frontline in packs of six for $69.99 vs. the set of three I bought yesterday at Unleashed for $59.99. Made a mental note of that. They also had teflon coated outdoor dog pillows which would have been perfect if I still had an outdoor dog like Alpine. Mr. B is definitely an indoor fellow though so didn’t pick that up. Did get one of their great rotisserie chickens for dinner and we split a bag of green beans and a box of strawberries. Perfect!

Just got back and honestly, I’ve never in my life filled a cart up like we did today! Every nook and cranny was packed. So I’m set for quite a while…like six months on some things. Even remembered to buy paper and ink for the printer. Hate when I run out of those. My printer is an Epson which I really like but if one of the two black cartridges runs out, it doesn’t function, even if the other black cartridge still has ink in it. It insists on a new canister of ink before it will print anything.

While there, we had a lavish lunch, hot dog and soda for $1.64. Yes, last of the big-time spenders. It’s the only place or time I ever have a hot dog. Sadly, I noticed that Costco now has their own brand of all beef franks, not the Vienna Red Hots and they weren’t as good. Was sorely tempted to get a berry slurpy or yogurt and fruit sundae after watching several people consume them but resisted. They looked sooo good as the temperature rose!