I was trolling Pinterest yesterday for two hours…my weekly limit enhanced by a timer in another room to remind me when to stop. Pinterest is so addicting that without enforcing personal limits, it’d suddenly be midnight. A “few” of you, I’m sure, can identify with this. 🙂

Sometimes such theoretical “time-wasting” yields amazing results that can improve your life. The following is an excellent example. Found by following the proverbial trail ’round and ’bout on the net to BuzzFeed and this specific post by Peggy Wang. Would recommend looking into it since it has lots of useful information for “life-changing ways for using everyday things”. Really amazing.

Modern Nemesis:  Photo Source

Can’t tell you how many times blister packs like this have tortured me. The end result is using a box cutter on the unwilling subject to get at the prize inside. Cracker Jacks was never this hard. This also brings with it the potential of slicing too deep and cutting into my desk or worse, slipping and slicing myself.

Since I just had a “wresling match” with packs of AA and AAA batteries from Costco, I just about jumped for joy. Haven’t tried it out but I’m sure it will be a help in a few of instances.

Reminds me of Martha (Stewart). Purell to remove ink stains, raw spaghetti to light hard-to-reach wicks, keeping mold off cheese and more. Oh, and be sure to read through the comments on the post for even more tips!