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Hi! Since summer seems to lead to less posts on many blogs I’ve stopped checking my favs everyday. As a result, I get other things done and when I decide to read blogs, there’s a nice amount of content just waiting for me.

Somewhere in the past, I must have mentioned that I love cooking blogs as well as non-cooking ones. There’s something peaceful about reading recipes. In my previous life, one of my favorite pastimes was sitting in a super comfortable Mexican barrel chair at my favorite round, shabby chic kitchen table, getting lost in cookbooks. Kind of funny for someone who no longer has anyone but herself to cook for.

I do cook in the winter, but nothing involving the oven in summer. That’s grill time and I use a lot of spices, herbs and rubs. Just nothing too “hot” as in the pepper family.  🙂

The person I was married to had gazillions of cookbooks, years of Bon Appetit and Food & Wine magazines and loved to cook. Luckily our Siberian Huskies formed a super-duper clean up crew since he was a very messy cook. Looked like an explosion when he was done. But cleaning the stove and counters was a good trade off for incredible dishes. Anyways…

One of my favorite food blogs had a yummy recipe that I want to try but I’m stumped. Even Wikipedia’s not helping which is unheard of.

So here’s my question:  Is there any real taste difference between Hungarian Paprika (sweet vs. hot), Smoked Paprika and Smoked Spanish Paprika? I know, sounds like a lame question to ask but I’d really like to know. I have the classic red can (above) and frankly don’t really feel there’s much of any taste to it. Seems more for color than flavor.

Now mind you, I’m no shrinking violet to herbs and spices. In fact my last tally of bottles filled two drawers and counted 45 bottles with few repeats. But the paprika question has me stumped.

Anyone out there care to help enlighten me? I’d really appreciate it! In fact I’ll reward each response (not junk mail though) by emailing a recipe for an incredible herb/spice mix that can be used in gumbo as well as on chicken, fish and so on. I’ll even toss in a super (to die for, imo) gumbo recipe which I’m sure can easily be altered to a vegetarian version! Frankly, the okra is what I love in gumbo. Serve over nutty basmati rice and…mmm…mmm…mmm…heaven in a bowl.

So what do you say? Anyone?