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On Tuesday, as my neighbor Paul was bringing my now-empty trash and green waste cans in, I snagged him and ask if he’d like some more tomatoes. Only one caveat, which he happily agreed to…he had to get down low and dig for the ripe ones I couldn’t reach. He left with 14 and I had 10.

It’s a record! 24 in one day and there’s still more ready to be plucked as well as new green ones. This just amazes me. When I think of all the years when I planted heirlooms, built custom cages for them only to get a wall of green yielding few tomatoes. I had the dirt tested and conditioned and the next year, same thing. Careful watering, pinching, gently tying up the limbs with panty hose cut in strips to they wouldn’t cut into the branches. Yield? Zip, zilch, zero.

Here’s this little plant going crazy in spite of me. No trellis, cage, fertilizer. It’s draped over two gardenia bushes (which seem quite happy with the arrangement) and gets watered only when the lawn sprinklers go on three times a week.

This morning, I picked 10 more tomatoes and selected the tomato from which I’ll harvest seeds per this post.

May I introduce you to “Tom”…

Tom, meet our blog readers. He says “Hi, I’m so excited to be selected. Hopefully I won’t disappoint”.

Now I just have to re-find the wide-mouthed Mason jar I had a few weeks ago. I’ll never understand how I can loose things in such a tiny living space. Boggles the mind.