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Yes, already…fire crackers exploding throughout the evenings. Since the doors are flung open to catch the evening breezes, Mr. Blue has been having fits at the sudden bangs and booms. Add to that a more than normal amount of blaring vehicles with flashing red lights zooming to and fro here on siren alley and you have one very disturbed little Pembroke.

Tonight, I’ll probably have to employ the short plastic leash they sent me home with from the pound. One end around him and the other tied to my chair. Since my $5.00 garage sale chair (similar to the one below) finally fell apart after two years of use, I’ve been using one of the teak chairs from the store. I kept two when I closed the store.

Photo Source:  Ebay  Hmm, should have maybe fixed mine. Two of these refurbished ones cost $985! Mine was upholstered with a lovely soft rainbow striped fabric.

The chairs from my store were made in Vietnam of recycled teak from torn-down houses and are very heavy. They’re too high for this desk but I really dislike the “desk chairs” (see example below) one finds in office stores.

Ooogly desk chairs.

As far as fireworks, closing the front and back doors doesn’t help much, he still runs insanely about the house, looking up at the ceiling and walls where the bangs seem to emanate from and bark at them. It’s like being outside when a local helicopter flies over…he runs around looking up, jumping, leaping and barking at it.

I thought of getting a “Thundershirt” for him yesterday, but from the reviews of it, I should have thought of this several weeks ago in order to condition him to it. The day before the Fourth of July would probably be expecting too much from the product and him. Bad mommy. Bad.

Back on the subject of desk chairs for a moment…I’d love a Herman Miller Aeron chair but sadly don’t have $800 to toss about. Oh well, I’ll keep hunting.