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As the weather gets hotter, my system (body) doesn’t run as well, never has. I’m definitely a northern type of person and so have been a bit under the weather for the last two days, thus no photos. It’s not like I want northern Wisconsin winter weather, it’s just that with each ten degree movement of the mercury upwards it takes me a while to ease into it.

Today in my softened-brain state, I arose early to shoot a slew of photos for posts but feeling kind of crumby, I was easily sidetracked by Pinterest and all the pretty pictures. See? Heat softens my northern brain. Usually I go by my rules for Pinterest…once a week for two hours and even set an alarm.

Not so much today. Was lost for hours and even started nodding off, so I shrank the Pinterest window and went back to bed for a nap. Naps early in the day also disagree with me since they result in daymares. This was no exception. Anyhow, got up and went back to the computer and fan. Did some “to do” lists for the coming week among other things. Checked emails, my blog and so on.

When I began cleaning up and closing a bunch of shrunken windows, “it” popped up and I was sucked back in. Sigh…. It’s such a siren, luring you with the enchanting images and hooking you because you can save them to your own little stash in your Pinterest account. I swear it’s a cousin of hoarding but somehow you feel better because you’re not going to have to rent a storage unit to keep all the pretty stuff in. So that makes it okay…?

When I need to reel my brain in and back to reality (or fall asleep), there’s no better way to do it than try to do something technical on my computer. So, since I was sucked in by Pinterest, I decided to see if I could figure out how to put a link or badge in the sidebar of this blog. Why should I be the only addict? You’re welcome. Lol!

I’m so proud of myself…I did it in under half an hour which is really good for me. 🙂  Usually things like this that require hunting and guessing what will happen and worrying that I’ll “break” something in my blog, take far longer. As I said, I’m quite proud.