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I ask this only since it seems that most of the country has been hit with a nasty heat wave. Is anyone else out there finding it hard to write about something in the heat…other than the heat? Sure, if you have children, you’re quite active (heaven knows how you survive) but how about the rest of the world?

I knew back in time, when I wrote about how cold I was and so on and so forth that I’d live to rue those words so here I am. Rueing. Neither window air conditioning unit is working, can’t get any of the windows open and both the landlord and property manager are unreachable. Sigh.

So I have nothing new to say because it’s just too freaking hot…over 105+F (40.5+C).

Oh…for being cold! If only….

I may try to find a reasonably local, dog-friendly hotel and splurge for a few days just so we can both lay in front of the AC unit!!!


And you? Hope it’s cooling wherever you are!