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After trolling about the internet, I have come up with a list of movies to rent to get my mind off the heat. I’ll probably sign up for Netflix free trial and try to squeeze them all in the two free weeks. (Oh look, they now have a 30 day offer!)

The List:  The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel*, The Descendants, The Artist, The Last Station, Sarah’s Key, Summer Hours and To Rome with Love.

Since writing the above list, I found a link to a Romanian blog with “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” in full and English (really enjoyable BTW*). There are Romanian subtitles which are easy to ignore. It’s at Ronni’s blog As Time Goes By on July 2, 2012. Note:  the link is at the bottom of her post. She also has a ton of other information which one may never run across anywhere else…well, at least I wouldn’t.

When is the exact start of the 2012 Mayan end of the world? ‘Cuz I think it’s begun. Woke up this morning to “June Gloom” in the middle of a very hot July. Have I said it’s really hot before? Really. Hot.

It stayed overcast all day and I was thinking how wonderful that we wouldn’t be baking from the sun…until I noticed Blue acting rather wonky and barking at nothing.

Walked to the open front door and looked out…hmmm. Did the timer on the sprinkler system break? I walked to the open back door…holy cow, it was raining. Raining. In July.

Ugly humidity. Ooogly.

It’s now 8:00 9:00  p.m. and still raining. Supposed to be hotter tomorrow and cloudy. That mean’s all this miserable humidity will be trapped. It’ll be a giant greenhouse.

Yes, I know I shouldn’t be whining because this is the desert so the humidity won’t last long but let’s face it, I am a weather wuss. Plain and simple. BTW, I also don’t like camping unless there’s a cabin with indoor plumbing, AC & heat involved. Okay, maybe I’m just a princess. I’d never make it on “Survivor” which also explains why I see no earthly reason to watch it. I don’t care what exotic island it’s on.

This would be nice for camping. Source: Pinterest