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Hmmm…. Today, all day, I have been under the delusion that it’s Thursday. Dutifully went out and picked up after Mr. Blue so the yard would be all set for the gardeners who mow and blow on Thursday. (While outside, I picked another dozen 14 tomatoes. What a plant!)

Anyway, 4 p.m. came and went yet still no gardeners. Finally I took a moment to look at the date on my Mac and was shocked, yes, shocked to see it read Wed.! Have you ever done this? How does it happen? How can one skip an entire day?

Since I don’t subscribe to a daily newspaper, I’ve decided it’s the TV’s fault. It died. Over a year ago. When it was alive, I knew what day it was simply by what program was or wasn’t on. Now, adrift in Hulu-land where time stands still, I have no landmark. Although you’d think I’d at least look at the computer’s clock. But no. That’s how convinced I was it was Thursday.

Even planned out a to-do list for tomorrow’s (Friday’s) errands. Had also checked the weather on msn.com and nothing registered in the brain. As I said, hmmm…?

And now to close the day, something I pinned on Pinterest. I’m sure you all know how much I LOVE Siberian Huskies. They are such characters! Enjoyed their company for many years. So I could NOT RESIST this 🙂 Look at that face…mmmmwah!