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So today really IS Thursday…lol!

Summer is definitely here…high 90’s…uuuggghhh. Apparently psoriasis doesn’t like heat. During my divorce I had a flare up that lasted several years. Finally a year’s worth of light booth treatments got rid of most of the horrid itching. Today I lucked out and on the very day I called, was given an appointment to see a new dermatologist. Thank heavens, because their next open date was Aug. 2. Walked out with prescriptions for a ton of ointments, lotions and a heavy duty antihistamine (supposedly puts benadryl to shame…must take only at night…hmmm…).

As always, I believe we can either laugh or cry and I choose to laugh. So to that end, I’ll just say it’s a good thing I don’t have a significant other because I’d just slip right out of his arms once I’m coated in all the medications. 🙂  It’s pretty funny.

To get my mind off moi and humor myself, I’ve been surfing the net with abandon in search of the cute, humorous and weird. Found some interesting stuff. Apparently it’s a slow news week because there’s more news of the popularity of 7-eleven’s vending machine in Singapore…for mashed potatoes and gravy. Below a YouTube video of the stuff, seems rather liquid. Supposedly it sets up so it looks more like what you expected vs. soup.

Here’s a link to 10 things that have found their way into vending machines. And the mayor of NYC is worried about the size of Big Gulps?

Following on yesterday’s post with the cute Siberian, I have another honey of a photo on Ms. Pin. Love the model’s expression…and the chipmunk’s!

Photo Source        Truly Priceless Expression! “You’re sure it won’t bite me? It seems to have vampire eyes. Really! No I’m not imagining it. Okay, it is sort of cute….”

Lastly, just so we call all feel a little better about ourselves, I give you the real models …before and after Photoshop. Be sure to go to this link for even more! You’ll feel so much better about yourself. Really, it’s unbelievable.

Demi with and without Photoshop

Mariah without and with Photoshop…Note change in suit top…no ring…hmm?

So, next time you see an ad, take the impossibly perfect model with a grain of salt…the average person doesn’t stand a chance against Photoshop.