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In my continuing quest to take my mind off the maddening itching from psoriasis, I started surfing the web and looking for something to make me smile, thus the title of this post. Then I found the news story on the shooting rampage in Colorado.

I really believe there is healing in humor. Not a laughing at someone or something type of humor, but the kind that is totally sweet and innnocent. The kind that makes your heart not hurt so or your own troubles lighten a bit. So I’m going to keep the title despite the tragedy that diminishes all of us.

Turns out a little fellow set up house under a Russian launchpad. You can read more about this furry squatter here.

For some reason this quote from Anne Frank popped into my mind and seemed rather healing also. “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.”

Hope you have a nice evening and find peace and happiness.