Food posts aren’t really a focus on this blog though I love to read food blogs. Since I only go to the store about every seven days, by Day No. 7 I’m really hunting. Having opened up a few items during the week to supplement my salads (like hard-boiled eggs, a tin of smoked trout, Luques olives, canned artichokes, and cooked fresh beets from Trader Joe’s), I needed to use them up. Then there was a fresh red pepper and tomatoes to use before they spoiled.

Remember I’m not a food photographer and was taking the pic at night.

The above array was supplemented by a small package of chevre I was dying to nip into.

Having run out of lettuce mixes, I made a plate of assorted tidbits the previous night, but I used a small plate and found that by morning I was super hungry. Stomach growling, the works. So tonight’s impromptu feast was arranged on a regular dinner plate sprinkled with some shredded fresh basil and a touch of Celtic sea salt.

It was interesting to taste the assorted flavors as they mingled. Overall it was a nice, easy throw-together type of dinner. Wish I had a slice of a baguette to mop up some of the juices. I must have used the one I had in the freezer, darn it.

I don’t have a natural talent like some of you for understanding how certain combos of flavors will turn out, so the biggest surprise of all was the smoked trout with the chevre. It was sublime. Never, ever would have imagined it.

Tomorrow is my weekly grocery run. Will be picking up another tin of TJ’s smoked trout for sure. Forgot how much I loved smoked white fish, something one had regular access to in the summers in Wisconsin (especially if you took a drive up to Door County).

Photo Source – Smoked Whitefish

Bags of assorted lettuces will definitely be on the list too. I’ve really missed my big bowls of salad! Words I thought would never come out of this mouth, lol! Oh, and if you haven’t tried TJ’s Londoner Cheddar, do. It’s really excellent. More subtle than the generic orange slabs one finds in the store. Happy nibbling!