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While checking out some of my favorite blogs today, I ran across a blog for Carrots in San Francisco.

It’s a really well done and nicely balanced blog that comes off as a lifestyle/inspiration source rather than a sales pitch.

It even has recipes and restaurant reviews, interior design images, artists’ works as well as fashion pics. While there I came upon a trailer for a video on Vimeo called Miss Representation by Jennifer Siebel Newsom that I really want to share with you.

Perhaps you’ll recall this link about Photoshop and women’s images from my July 28 post this year and my thoughts on media and its representation of women. I found quite a few very enlightening statistics in this little trailer alone. Imagine what the 90 minute film that debuted at the 2011 Sundance Festival must hold.

There is a website for Miss Representation with info on screenings by state, purchasing the DVD, renting it on iTunes, a blog and much more.

Back at the Carrots blog, there are even photos of the San Francisco Bay salt ponds that you see when flying into SF or Oakland. Incredible colors.

Photo Source Hey! Do check this link out for great info!!!!

Aren’t those just amazing?