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As we enter a third week of obscenely hot weather I cringe at the thought of my electric bill. It’s 8 p.m. on Sunday and 101F. Like I said, obscene. Just looking at the weather for the next week on msn.com is depressing…100’s and high 90’s. We won’t see anything below 90 for another week. Night temps in the high 70’s. Ugh.

Photo Source   My opinion of the weather. Just ‘cuz.

Tomorrow I have to get my car smog-checked. Ugh. Then run to AAA to pay and get stickers for my license plate. I have NO desire to be out and about in 100 degree heat because I know it’ll really be about 105 to 110 here.

Even a friend who sold her home and moved down to Laguna Woods near the ocean said it was as hellish there as here. She drives up to the Pasadena area three times a week to teach knitting. When it’s as hot at the water as it is inland, you know it’s bad. But then most of the country is feeling the pain. I’m still eternally grateful that we have very low humidity!

Haven’t been to knitting in ages and somehow the thought of working on something wooly is not highly desirable right now. I’m sure someone is thinking “use cotton” but it has no give and literally kills my hands. One hour of knitting with it and my hands are a useless achy mess for several days.

Yes, I could crochet with it but just don’t feel like it. I just want winter to come and be done with this infernal inferno. Like NOW.

On a happier note, my dinner tonight will be a huge heirloom tomato I purchased…it weighs almost a pound…sliced on a platter with fresh basil leaves topped by sliced mozzarella and anointed with a bit of white balsamic and possibly a dot of olive oil. I may layer the plate first with wild arugula just for fun.

There is the distinct possibility I may sprinkle a little more protein on top too. When I went to Costco with my friend a few weeks ago I bought a six-pack of their canned chicken. And now that I’m safely stocked on Trader Joe’s smoked trout, I may use that instead. After re-reading what I just wrote, I think you could say I’m a bit hungry.

My beverage will be fresh lemonade with a few blueberries tossed in. This will most likely be followed by a second glass a bit later containing a little vodka. Sometimes when one is melting, one just needs to “melt” a little more. Hope you have a cooling night’s rest.