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Okay, what I wrote yesterday needs to be revised. When I said it wouldn’t get below 90F till next Sunday…well, just checked the forecast today and it won’t get below 100F till next Monday.

Took my car in and it passed the smog test, yay. Went to AAA and got the tags for my plates and registration paper. $125 to the state of California. Stopped at TJ’s and picked up more salad. Stopped at the bank, looked at the temperature on the bank sign…104F. My car read 111F. Then to Pavilions for ice and a drop off at the post office. Last, I came home and died.

Was eerie in Pavilions, all the lights in the freezer and refrigerator cases were turned off. Overhead lights were only half on, but I have to say the air conditioning was divine. I should have stayed and had a Starbucks but blew my calories today by stopping at MacDonald’s on the way to the smog check.

That and I wanted to check on Blue since I only have a window AC unit, the house doesn’t really cool off. When the lows at night are in the mid to upper 70’s this kind of heat just doesn’t dissipate. Still, when I entered, it was a surprising relief compared with outdoors.

You can tell the heat is grinding down on people. Hardly anyone is out and about. People are driving either ridiculously slow or insanely fast. The heat’s cooking everyones’ brains. Blue’s made fast friends with the porcelain commode. When I couldn’t find him a little while ago, I glanced in the bathroom and there he was wrapped around the base of the toilet and wedged against the tile wall and floor.

Since I’m not going to be able to think of anything but this heat, I’ll say adieu for today and leave you with this little video. Found it about four years ago and completely forgot about it. Hope you enjoy this and are staying cool (or warm).

“What Welshmen do when they’re bored.”

P.S. I’m glad I didn’t get around to working on my container garden and planting herbs or I’d have to be out watering them twice a day in this heat. That or they’d have just croaked by now!

P.P.S. The Day’s Trivia:  Alfred Hitchcock would have been 113 today.