Life amazes me at times. Two dear, dare I call them “long-distance friends” commented on my last post and truly touched me. In commenting back to them, I mentioned the saying “Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty”. This started me thinking and of course you know, that leads me to research the origin of the phrase at Wikipedia, which is where I found this definition and history.

Must say, was surprised by the history behind this saying. Life is so simple at times. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” was one of my mother’s beliefs passed on to my brother and me. I’ve talked about her philosophy before, but while the adage “Practice, etc.” was not one of hers, it encompassed her life’s actions.

I am endlessly fascinated by words and equally saddened at the loss of so many from today’s vocabulary. Yes, if I wasn’t an artist, I’d be an art teacher and if not that, an English teacher. But I wander off topic as often happens.

So many of those rarely used words succinctly define what one wished to convey in a single word vs. a phrase. When I write this blog, I try not to repeat words, something not so easily done (since I’ve just used “word(s)” three times in one sentence, tsk, tsk, tsk). This has brought back my old friend the thesaurus which contains synonyms and antonyms of words. The link also permits you to hear how a word is pronounced.  Throughout my school years, the companion to my dictionary was Roget’s Pocket Thesaurus.

Did you know the word “run” has 179 meanings? I didn’t!

In searching for the meaning of thesaurus, I came across the Merriam-Webster site and loved the first  description, “1. TREASURY, STOREHOUSE”. This describes the reference book perfectly.

Note:  If you visit the Merriam-Webster site, you can take a test, “How strong is your vocabulary?”, among other tests. I thought I did quite well till I compared it to others in my age range. While it wasn’t too shabby, it’s time to commence brushing up and broadening my native tongue.

To that end, once in a while I’m going to post the site’s word of the day and then personally practice using it five times during the day. For today I’ll start with a facile word…plethora.

You might also enjoy challenging your knowledge by taking this test. The beauty of it is that there are a prodigious number of versions so you learn more and more. Did try to find a synonym for “versions” and the only one that was close was rendition. Still not as specific as needed, sometimes there’s only one word that says it best.

Well, now you’ve found my inner geek. It takes all kinds…another of my mom’s sayings and a good one to remember.