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Despite the title, this is a short post (for me). Ran across an article on Glo about new words added to the Oxford English Dictionary this year. Was totally disappointed. Just amounts to further annihilation of the English language in my opinion. But then I ran across a Huffington Post article over at this post by Ms. B. of Besotted Brand blog and have further concluded that we are descending morally as a society. Go over and read the article, it’s just too gross to waste more words on. While you’re there check out her new monogram design! Very nice.

Sorry to be rather negative today, but received some health news yesterday that will permanently alter my life and am in a dark little place today trying to snap out of it. Not very successfully I might add.

Hope you have a lovely day and enjoy the ability to do whatever you are able to do physically. Life is so fragile and the gifts it offers can be taken from you in a second. See? Dark little place. Seriously though, I wish you happiness. And say a little prayer for those around the globe being battered by hurricanes and typhoons. And be thankful…remember, there but for grace go you.

Man, I’m in a gloomy, little, judgmental hole. Sorry.