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Well, it seems I’m recovering mentally from the news of last Tuesday. Still on my mind but it’s moved to the back at least. Today is the first day it has dropped into the 90’s. Hallelujah! It’s supposed to stay in the 90’s vs. 100’s for the week. It’s amazing what 10 degrees can do. Can I get an “amen”?

On Thursday we had thunderstorms if you can believe it. I noticed it became very dark at two in the afternoon. There was a loud noise that set Mr. B off barking. Since I had the small fan next to me on high, at first I thought it was just a noisy dump truck going through the intersection. Finally turned off the fan only to be greeted by a rousing burst of thunder. No wonder Mr. B was barking. Who’d have thought?

About an hour later I went out to the garage to get something and it had also rained! Not a lot, but more than drizzle. Haven’t looked at my car yet, it’ll probably be a real mess. Already needed a wash as it was and this wasn’t a hard enough rain to clean it by any means.

Can you believe it’s Sept. 1? I feel like I totally missed summer while hiding out from the wretched heat! I figure in another month or so, I’ll be able to safely plant some potted herbs in the container garden. I might even hire someone to help me change out the soil and rearrange everything as I mentioned in a previous post.

This is when I can rationalize living in LA with it’s hellish summers and overpriced everything. Knowing I can plant almost anything in the fall and it’ll be fine through the “winter”. I may take one or two of the bigger pots and plant some kale, swiss chard and peas. I’m also hoping to snag a lingering patio tomato at Home Depot and see how it does over winter. Of course, that said, we’ll probably have the coldest “winter” on record.

And now for something completely different…as you know, I’m quick to point out that I don’t wish to talk politics or religion on this blog, since it’s a lose-lose proposition and has been since man first opened his mouth and said “huh?” I’m still dumbstruck by the stupidity that can come out of men’s faces. I’m thinking specifically of Tom Akin’s recent, moronic comment.

However, when I do find something that’s creatively and intellegently wrought, I will happily post that. Over on Ronni’s blog, Time Goes By, she posted a YouTube video sent to her by several people that was very cleverly done. A lot of thought and hard work went into it and it shows. So in this case I will share it with you.

If you want a better understanding of current politics written by an intelligent journalistic mind, you would do well to visit her blog. It’s billed as an Elder blog, but is so much more. And don’t forget, you’ll be knocking on that door someday sooner or later yourself. Go check out today’s (Sept. 1) post. Lots of wonderful links and pics, like the snarky billboard in Tampa for the Republican convention or Einstein in his fuzzy slippers!

Growing up, I had several pairs of these and always was afraid I’d forget to change shoes and show up at school in my fluffy slippers. I was a strange child….