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In retrospect, I’d like to clear something up that may have led you to think I’m denser than a rock. When I made the comment about my inability to comprehend a mole, I should have noted that it did not reflect my academic achievements. Throughout school, the only classes I received less than a “A” in were Personal Typing, Latin and Chemistry. Ironic about typing, when I look at the amount I currently churn out. Who knew that the lowly secretarial skill (that’s what it was considered when I was growing up) would wind up being the most important one for communication. Lesson:  never judge a book by it’s cover.

Okay, now that my ego is smoothed over, I have several items you may find interesting. First up, in remembrance of 9/11/2001 is an article from MSN on the four-legged heroes who worked as tirelessly as humans.

Guinness, 15 years later. When you look in his eyes, it’s almost as if you can see the horrors he saw. But then I tend to anthropomorphize a bit if you hadn’t noticed.

Two books about these heroes are:  “Retrieved” by Charlotte Dumas (this had mixed reviews on Amazon but given the brave subjects I can overlook that) and “The Dog Heroes of 9/11” by Nona Kilgore Bauer (which received a five-star rating). Here is a review of the revised edition of this book:  Featuring over 100 new pages, including 150 new color photographs, this expanded and revised edition presents brand-new chapters on military working dogs in Iraq and Afghanistan, the therapy dogs who worked at Ground Zero, the SDF’s new National Training Center and post-9/11 rescue missions at home and abroad. A special section, written by 9/11 SAR handlers in honor of their canine partners, reinforces what the Book-of-the Month Club warned in its review of the first edition: “…this book is guaranteed to choke you up.” (Note:  no affiliation)

In the comments below the article on MSN was this by The Mol, “I lived in NJ, the Manasquan area, and there’s a Shop Rite there on Highway 34. A man came in and stocked two carts full of dog supplies…food, chewies, water, and socks, for the dog searchers at Ground Zero. In the days after the attacks, radio stations were asking for many things, including help for the canine searchers. When he got up to the checkout, the clerk asked him what all this was for, and he told her. She told him to just go ahead and take it. NO CHARGE!!!. I remember this Shop Rite, it has a very pretty dolphin mural in the entrance. Bless them. And Bless the brave dogs who came to the rescue.

This article was also found on MSN. Titled, “Only One American wasn’t on Earth on 9/11, and this is what he saw“.

Photo Source. Frank Culbertson.

Well my tears from the dog stories have dried. I know we all have ways to memorialize those lost on 9/11/2001. So now on to something completely different.

In this case I give you…“if you buy this, you have too much money” (and I have a bridge to sell you), this item for sale at “terrain” for only $15.00. Seriously? Should be filed under DIY, not for sale.

Photo Source. Found on “Food 52 Shop” which usually has more unique product sources.

I can’t help it, this is just sad…so very sad. Again, cute DIY but $15.00? No thank you.

I’ll end this post with a humorous little video so we all know we’re not alone…you’ll see what I mean. Even the most beautiful, svelte, ethereal beings are also human. Sleep well and peacefully tonight and let happy memories give you comfort.