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Growing up, I remember my parents’ comments on the heat (which in the Midwest was combined with hellacious humidity) were often accompanied by the saying “it’s so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk”. Hadn’t thought of that quip in ages till it hit 110F (43.3C) today. Of course bank signs with clocks and temp displays do not lie. Right. Bet it was over 110. My car declared it to be 114F parked in the shade.

Remember my post on Aug. 12, how I commented on the last three weeks of obscenely hot temps over 100F (38C)? And my Aug. 26 my post that noted we were finally leaving the triple digits after far too long and it was predicted to drop into the 90’s? Well, it didn’t and hasn’t and it’s mid-September! A few days ago another LA blogger noted that the weather forecast night time “lows” are, of late, simply a cruel lie and I have to agree with her.

In fact, the last five days have been above 105F (40.5C) and there’s more to come according to MSN.com weather. And even though the last few evenings were supposed to be in the ’60’s (15.5C), hah, not so. Last night I didn’t even bother opening the doors up to let the cool night air in because there wasn’t any. It was as hot outside as it was in the house. The tile in the bathroom was very warm to the touch.

As the other blogger noted this is not “her” LA and I agree. Yes, I’ve been driven to whine about the weather again. Sorry. At least we don’t have a drought (knock on wood) like a large part of the country and for that I’m most thankful. I’m grateful for something else too, but I don’t dare say it out loud for fear the universe will hear and it will occur. Yes, I know I sound silly, but I don’t want to jinx a good thing. I don’t like tempting fate.

Some people thrive on these kind of temperatures, like the receptionist at my chiropractor’s office. She and her husband take a summer vacation in the desert. They stay at a motel that’s off the grid so to speak and they sit outside in the 115F+ (46.1+C) heat, reading. I would expire.

Okay, to cool things down a bit I give you this video which I found on Ronni Bennett’s blog, Time Goes By. It’s very fun and cold…mmmmm! Of course now I can’t get the music out of my head and I’m seeing a scene from Young Frankenstein with Peter Boyle and Gene Wilder float through my mind.

The other thing I found on Ronni’s blog was the following. I’m quoting it directly because she says it so well, to rewrite it would be just silly.

According to Mother Jones which supplies all sorts of caveats on this story, Public Policy Polling asked

”…Ohio Republicans who they thought ‘deserved more credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden: Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.’”

Here are the results as reported by Mother Jones: 15 percent gave Romney more credit and 47 percent said they were unsure.

Depending on your point of view, that’s either awful or funny. However, it’s not true. If you visit the PPP website to confirm the results [pdf] of the question (No. Q15), you find that only 6 percent chose Romney and 31 percent were not sure.

Even with the smaller numbers, I despair for the choices some voters make. How dumb, do you think, are those 6 and 31 percent?”

Rolling my eyes, I could not agree more, how about you? Think about it…31% of Ohio Republicans said they weren’t sure who deserved more credit for killing Osama bin Laden:  Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. Pretty scary. I have more to say, but then I’d be talking politics so I’ll just stop at stupidity.