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Before going to bed last night, I checked the weather forecast. The week’s temps were predicted as follows:  95, 97, 99, 101 and 103. This morning they’re:  88, 86, 87, 87 and 101. Ever so much better, “if” they really happen. The weather prognosticators are in the same league as palm readers in my opinion.

The world seems on edge and with good reason. It makes me wonder whatever possesses people who write, film and publish articles, books and photos that offend others and religion. So, to lighten the mood at least a wee bit, I give you a bit of silliness. Take time to laugh at yourself too, it’s good for what ails you.

Did you know that today was national Cheeseburger Day? Neither did I. Who invents these bizarre national “you fill in the blank” days? Why it’s the marketing industry for these assorted products and manufacturers. September is Apple Month which makes sense, but did you know it’s Children’s Good Manners Month? It’s also Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month, National Prime Beef, Piano, Rice or Shameless Promotion Month.

Then we have Sept. 2-8, National Waffle Week, Sept. 22-29, Banned Books Week, or Tolkien Week the third week in September. September also boasts Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day, Salami Day, International Drive Your Studebaker Day, International Lace Day, Virgin Mary Day, Grandparents Day, National Kreme Filled Donut Day, Video Games Day, Whopper Liar Day, Felt Hat Day, Stay Away From Seattle Day, Hug a Greeting Card Writer Day, Talk like a Pirate Day, Hobbit Day, White Chocolate Day (link lists candy holidays throughout the year), P;un;ctua,tion Day, Fish Amnesty Day and not to be forgotten, Fish Tank Floorshow Night. These are only a few of the holidays for the month of September, found here.

Oh, and get ready for October…National Chili Month, Pizza Month, Sausage Month, Rhubarb Month (I challenge you to find rhubarb growing in October, at least in this country) and of course, Raptor Month. If you have nothing to do or your nerves are frazzled, check the link, it’s a mind boggleing list and the “holidays” noted here are just the tip of the iceberg. One day I could agree with is Oct. 20, Information Overload Day.

Hope you enjoy some silence before sleep tonight. Turn the TV off. You’ll sleep better.