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So here it is mid-September and I have gardening news and info! How timely, as in “a day late and a dollar short”. But honestly, if I don’t post these items on my blog I’ll never find them again.

First, a cool link to something I found on Pinterest (yes, I went back after being away for weeks), how to prune basil to have enormous plants.

It’s from My Bird House blog. This site also has a lot of DIY things you might enjoy.

Next is sproutrobot.com where you can enter your zip code and it will tell you when to plant what, vegetable-wise. Which is brilliant for me since by the time I decide to plant seeds for something, it’s always too late. You simply enter an email and password and you’ll be notified of when to plant what. Plus you can sign up to receive the seeds you wish to plant and they’re sent automatically at the right time. The cost is $3.99/pack of seeds which if you’ve priced seeds, is pretty decent.

The other benefit is that they’re heirloom and organic, 100% guaranteed to sprout and sent in 100% recycled packaging. If I’m stay here, I may just order a few things, peas for one, and no clue when to plant them so this is perfect. And if I move, just change the zip code! (No affiliation)

And lastly we have a recipe from Pinterest. Meatball Bubble Biscuits…mmm.

From kathiecooks.blogspot.com, a stay at home mom for five years who went on to culinary school. Looks like some good recipes there. She has a quick lesson on yeast here.