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Of late, I seem to be neglecting my little blog here. Personally I blame the heat. It really keeps me inside, so I have nothing new to talk about. For the last month and a half, I’ve checked the 10 day forecast. What comes up are the coming week’s temps in the 100’s F (37.7+C). Then we’re teased by forecasts of 80’s F (26.6C) for the second week, which never happens btw.

I had planned a post on the kindness of strangers…you know, “practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty” it’s almost all written, just needs a few photos. But I seem to have a little pain issue which makes me want to become a pillow bomb. As in fill the bed with a million pillows, dive in and bury myself in sleep.

While drifting around I got waylaid by Diane of White on Rice blog and her recipe for a gratin of brussels sprouts. Yes, cheese and sprouts. She mentioned she ate the whole gratin almost by herself and that she had issues with portion control. Looking at her photos of the yummy gratin, I can see why. Anyone would do the same!

It reminded me of college and senior year when I shared an apartment with Carole C. What you learn when exposed to new people from different walks of life amazes me. Carole was from New York City and so I was exposed to blintzes and Matzah ball soup among other things. And when she came back to school from holidays in NYC with her parents, she brought a dozen authentic bagels in her suitcase.

She bemoaned the lack of a good sweet and sour duck sauce to go with Chinese take-out in the Midwest and so she brought a jar of that back one time. Personally I like La Choy’s Sweet and Sour Duck Sauce so she had the sauce all to herself. BTW, it has nothing to do with ducks.

Anyhow, we cooked dinner like grown-ups and she insisted on setting the table to sit down and eat properly. She was taught to chew each bite 60 times. She also would break chicken bones in pieces and suck the marrow out…something her mother encouraged.

It’s interesting the things that stick with you. For many years after, I was always last to finish a meal. Didn’t matter who I was with, it was just the pace I ate at thanks to Carole.

I guess that’s my portion control. I do eat the marrow out of beef stew bones (much to my dog’s annoyance) but draw the line at chicken. Happy just to make stock in the slow cooker. Love how it brings out the gelatin.

Oh and speaking of slow cookers here’s a link from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes for bread in the crock pot. One catch, be sure to check with the manufacturer’s instructions since a lot of the slow cookers require some liquid in the pot. My cheapy Rival from Target does need water.  😦 Darn.

My next post will be about the kindness of strangers…promise. I’m going to go become a pillow grenade. LOL 🙂