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Sorry for the absence but I plead the fourth heat amendment. Went back a bit in my posts just to see how incessant this heat has been. Well, I’ve been whining about it since June. So four months of solid hell. Yes, I know it could be worse and I’m lucky to have a roof over my head for the moment, clean water and food for Mr. Blue and myself, but still. ……..whiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnne…………  okay, I’ll stop now.

On another note, it’s been three and a half months since my friend and I have been to Costco and only now have my “blocks” of PT and TP run out, thus saving money and cumbersome trips to the grocery.

On yet another note, a dear blogging friend’s father left us and far too early. You can see her brave post here. Having lost my father and mother just 29 days apart, I can appreciate her pain and admire her brave spirit for continuing to blog. She’s a very strong soul.

On still another note, I found several entertaining videos for you. Hope you laugh as hard as I did! I did feel very bad for the mommy duck since some of her feathers never settled back in 😦 Poor honey. And is that a Corgi skydiving???

Sorry, the first won’t load or link but here’s the address:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEBLt6Kd9EY&feature=related

I know I said I’d stop whining about the weather but here, BUT tonight seemed to be cooling and so I opened the front and back doors to cool the house off. While writing this my nose suddenly was assaulted with the acrid smell of forest fire. Not a burning building…a wild fire.

A two story house from about 1930 was on fire a while back. Just half a block from here and it smelled nothing like a wild fire. The smell of a forest fire is similar to the smell of smoke from fireplaces where not so swift individuals are attempting to “burn” unseasoned aka green wood in the winter.

So I swiftly flew about and closed up everything. Swell, just when you think you’re catching a break. Hope you enjoyed the videos! Sleep well and peacefully tonight.