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Everyone has threshold issues it seems. Be it abuse that finally makes one walk away from a marriage, a mother with a baby throwing a non-stop temper tantrum, a fear of leaving one’s house or in my case, weather extremes and currently my back door. For Blue it’s thunder, sirens and kids zipping by on skateboards. It’s the point at which your nerves fray and you can be pushed over the proverbial edge.

The threshold that came loose

Southern California is so weird at times. We just got done (for the moment) with months of hot weather, had four glorious days in the low 90’s and 80’s. So yesterday thunderstorms and rain were thrown into the mix. Poor Blue was a wreck from the thunder. This was the long rolling type of thunder that makes you think of angels bowling in heaven.

Inspector Blue observing paw-sized hole leading under the house

When I moved to California years ago, we didn’t seem to have thunderstorms. But in the last three years, suddenly we do. Quite remarkable and loud. Much like the ones in the Midwest. Blue spent yesterday on the short leash again, attached to me, hiding under my chair as I sat and typed this. Since this is the first rain in months, most people will be driving like idiots. Makes me glad I grew up in the Midwest with “weather” because I can drive in most conditions, even encountered a tornado once, very scary.

In past posts I’ve talked about how the California natives have no clue about driving in rain especially on oil slick roads that the summer creates. Yesterday, in addition to thunder, we heard sirens almost continuously. Poor Blue. When I checked, the sigalert (what a sigalert is) map the freeways are quite brightly lit up with red and orange indicating a snail’s pace caused by accidents everywhere. Glad I was home.

The white flashing even gave way with the rotten wood

Had no choice in staying home, the landlord’s handyman Tito was here to fix the threshold on the back door which, being rotted, gave way underfoot last Tuesday leading to a crash on my part. Had to call my neighbor in the other house to come over and help me up. Once again, slammed my head on the tile which gave me a lovely nose bleed and a nasty scrape and bruise on my arm and knee, so I was quite dizzy. But after my last ambulance experience to the tune of $3,000, darned if I was going to call 911. Plus, this time I knew I didn’t need sutures.

So P. came over, helped me up and into bed. Luckily the nosebleed stopped. I’m so fortunate to have such kind neighbors! Note:  if you get a nosebleed, don’t try to staunch the flow with facial tissue, it acts like a wick. Instead, take a cotton ball and stuff it tightly in place. Works like a charm.

Blue also had a little episode with the hole created by the wood coming away from the house. His little paw went right in the first time he crossed it. Luckily he was fine, just  very wary of the doorway after that.

Anyhow, as I said Tito was here and replaced the threshold with new redwood…in the rain. Poor guy. It took him six hours (including a run to Home Depot) and he was finally finished. But it was almost dark so photos wouldn’t do justice to the final result. Decided to wait and take photos today.

Not as tidy as I thought of course, after six years the porch could use a paint job.

Well, it’s not as nice looking as I thought in the dark, Tito was rather heavy handed with the clear silicone which wasn’t apparent last night because the porch was wet. He still has to come back and put polyurethane on the wood as well as put something between the wood and the tile inside.

Still overcast today which is a nice change of pace, no more rain though, so far.

Oh, good, my paw won’t fall through that nasty hole again.

While typing this yesterday, I heard yet another car skidding through the corner stop sign. If you’re experiencing “weather” in your corner of the world, please drive carefully and watch out for other drivers. They scare me more than the weather.