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Several things to talk about today. Of course the weather tops the list but being sick is a close second not to mention men and power tools.

So, today’s supposed to hit 101F (38.3C) which means 105 to 110 in my neighborhood. Tomorrow had been predicted to be 100F, so you do the math, but was down graded to 95F. Still.hot. It’s the second half of October and I’m really sick of this.

Speaking of sick, I either have food poisoning or the flu. Yesterday, I had what we’ll call “dunch” or “linner” at about 4:30 p.m. because I wanted to watch the presidential debate and not be putting the live stream on hold to go out to the kitchen. As we all know, putting a live stream on hold is just another version of Russian roulette, will it resume when you return and take it off hold or freeze or exhibit some other odd form of behavior?

Well, no debate for me, unless you count the debate between what I ate and my stomach in accepting it. I spent the evening and ensuing night in the bathroom hurling. I haven’t had this symptom in a quite a long time and forgot how hideous it can be.

If I had food poisoning, the culprit I’d name is this:

Broccoli & Cheesy Cheddar Soup by Vons – seriously love this stuff….

I bought it on Monday and it had an expiry date of November 21, 2011 so you’d think it would be just fine. Not so. That or I have the flu. It’s 1:30 on Wednesday afternoon and I still feel a bit questionable. While trying to find sleep last night, I got up several times and tried to read some blogs. Went through all my favorites and went on to food blogs. OMG.

Just looking at pics of food, however delicious-looking, turned my poor tummy and back to the bathroom, then bed. On another occasion I tried Pinterest, but as you may know, there’s lots of recipe photos and so that didn’t help one bit. I finally drifted off to sleep at about 8 a.m. thank heavens. Was going to drift back into dreamland, oh who am I kidding, no dreamland but rather the sleep of the dead was more like it.

Naughty mommy had put a spoonful of the soup (aka liquid poison) in Mr. B’s bowl. He’d had it before and lapped it right up. I should have known something was amiss since he had two licks and left the rest. This is an animal who will do anything for food (as Corgis are wont to do). Later at about 8 p.m. poor little guy had the runs which is unusual for him. So today we’re fasting. Water only.

Which brings me to men (generally) and power tools. In particular, chainsaws. 8:30 a.m. some person began revving up a chainsaw. Not cutting anything, mind you, one can hear the difference. This continued for about 45 minutes. Geesh, you’d think they’d have gotten their jollies after about 10 minutes of this. Then we had an hour of peace only to have the real thing begin with a vengeance.

All I wanted was sleep. So here I am at the computer to whine to you about it. What can I say? Has anyone out there encountered a flu bug yet? I’m kind of betting on food poisoning since this doesn’t “feel” like the flu, but then I’ve never had food poisoning. Unless you count Montezuma’s revenge one time in Mexico long ago.

I’m hoping the sawing will stop soon. By now, you’d think, there must be almost nothing left of what’s being cut down. Of course, when it’s done, the wood chipper will come into play. I’m not sure which sound is more annoying. I know that people have to earn a living, but why must it be one of the few times I’m under the weather?

Well, it’s 4:30 p.m. and the tree felling stopped about and hour ago. I did venture forth to Pinterest and seem to be able to look at a few foodie pics before my tum-tum starts roiling so maybe I’m moving out of the woods. Hopefully. Enjoy your evening and stay well.

P.S. On a more positive note…finding the good in things:  in an odd way I’m thankful the sun’s setting earlier. Why? Because it means less time for it to cook my office and bedroom on the West side of the house 🙂