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Hello there, it’s been a while hasn’t it? No excuse really, though I did write several posts, I needed a photo or something else to go with them. On Wednesday I sent off a letter, yes, a letter via the USPS if you can believe it, to a friend from fifth grade (you can get up off the floor now) who wrote to me. We’ve corresponded over the years, both like to slow the world down a bit. In the letter I mentioned how nothing was new and I live a very boring life.

Never tempt fate or the universe like that, EVER. Seriously. NEVER! EVER!

No sooner had I dropped the letter and my mail-in ballot in the blue post box, completed two errands and dragged the groceries in, put them away than fate flew in my face. A fruit fly or some other little bug was suddenly flying around my right eye…still is  😦  . Of course I swatted at it but to no avail. The weird thing just appeared in my field of vision and stayed there. It followed me about.

After trying to rationalize this crazyness I concluded it wasn’t a thread/blob on my eye ball since I didn’t feel anything in my eye, but the damn thing wouldn’t go away. I immediately thought “oh,oh, I must be stroking out” and looked stroke symptoms up on the web (yes, I am a drama queen like the rest of my family). First symptom listed…vision changes. EEEK! Still, I felt okay and tried the FAST test on myself which indicated I was fine.

Too late to call a doctor but damned if I was going to call 911 and shell out another $2,000 for a ten mile ambulance ride (still paying the last one off). I had a gin and tonic and went to bed (yeah, yeah, I know, not the best decision, but I just wanted to calm down). First thing Thursday morning, I called my doctor of many years even though she no longer takes Blue Cross. They said to call the opthamologist I’d seen after my killer black eye. However, that doctor was on vacation. In retrospect, the receptionist seemed very hyper on getting me in to see one of the doctors ASAP and I had a 10:30 for the next morning, Friday.

Once in the exam room the next day, the tech took my info, numbed my eyes with drops and told me I had what’s called a floater while handing me a pamphlet about it. Here’s a funny little video about them (even though I can’t stand this show on TV).

The doctor who examined me was very nice and blinded me with light while looking at my eyes every way from Sunday, through a strong lens. He reiterated that I, indeed, did have a floater. Then he decided he needed to dilate my eyes which I’d never had done, EVER. Okay, numbing and dilation are not all that comfortable. Once I looked like an owl I’m sure, he went through the same “look up, now up right, right, lower right, down…well you get the picture.

He became serious and said I needed to see a retina specialist because he thought he saw what might be a tear in the retina. I thought, fine, we’ll set an appointment up for next week. Well, they called across the way to a retina specialist group (this is a large hospital/medical complex area) and I had an appointment in one and a half hours. At this point I was getting a bit nervous but they said, you’re dilated so we may as well get this all over with. Made sense.

So I walked over to that office about half a block away in the blinding sunlight and took a seat in the waiting room. Spent the time looking off and on (the sound was turned off…why have a TV if you’re not using the sound) at one of the Robert Downey Jr. movies where he’s in a red suit while my eyes watered like Niagara Falls. Did you know that your ability to see close, as in reading, goes out the window when your eyes are dilated?

Finally got in and the tech took all the same info as the opthamologist’s office did as well as a few “follow my finger” tests. Then the doctor arrived and looked at my chart. Next the tech put more anesthetic drops to numb the eyeballs. Then pressure readings and again, look up, down and so on.

Her conclusion, need to look at it in more depth with more photos. Sigh. So into another room for photos of the inside of my eye. Another round of look up, down, stand on your head and spin around, but this time with Q-tip poking the perimeter of the eye ball, ow…. I ask what she’s doing that for and she says she’ll tell me in a minute.

Turns out by putting pressure on areas she could see if there was a tear in the retina because a gap would open. Oh swell. 😦

Indeed there was a retinal tear. She needed to perform surgery. I thought okay, new appointment so I can escape. Not so fast. Surgery NOW. Laser surgery. Okay, now I’m freaking. I was ushered out to an new waiting room in the center of the office (no easy escape) and waited till yet “another” room opened up.

While sitting there, a tray with a syringe (needle) and other operating stuff went by so I grabbed the tech and said, you’re going to freeze my eye with a shot??? (silently screaming). She said no, with drops.

When it was my turn, drops and more drops then waiting. When the surgeon came in I bombarded her with questions, like “if I move or you slip will you blind me?” and so on. I’m sure I was their “prize” patient to end the week with.

So back into the chin and forehead contraption I went. Another lens about 3/4″ x 3/4″ was spread with goo of some sort and placed onto my eyeball. (More internal screaming.) She said look straight ahead and do not move. Of course at that point I was draped across the table holding on for dear life and she had to remove my arms to the handles below my chin.

Then multiple bursts of blinding light tunneled into my eye, a pause and then some more. Finally, it was over. I sat in their inner waiting room for another hour and a half,  just because I really was frazzled and didn’t want to drive.

On the way home I did, believe it or not, stop at Pavilion’s and pick up a rotisserie chicken. Once home, dragged whatever into the house, petted Mr. Blue and then fell into a deep exhaustion on the bed. Poor Mr. Bunny-pants, after being at home for over 6 hours with no problems…no play…mom is out like a light. What an angel, I’m so lucky to have found him at the pound, truly an angel!

So that’s my tale for the last few days and probably a few more to come as I recover (more mentally than physically). It’s not that it was so painful or anything, but going through it alone and having to drive myself home as well as find food for a few days took a bit out of me. Life is indeed, a challenge and the damned floater is still driving me nuts!!!