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Every now and then I run across a news story that just hits me as bizarre and this is one of them. I found it on MSN Now today. I think it was the picture that got my attention, what do you think? Can you even come up with a story to go with this photo?

China, it seems, has changed its mind on smile protocol. The photo is of Chinese customs officers at a training session on how to smile. Previously Chinese were instructed to smile closed-mouth. “The purpose is to perfect their smiles,” Dalian station’s chief political officer said. “The best result is that they can show eight teeth while they are smiling.”

Apparently all those years of hiding their teeth have left them out of practice to the point where they need lessons to learn how to show their teeth when smiling.


You just can’t make stuff like this up! This is just so weird, with all the stuff going on in the world, China’s worried about this? She says as she rolls her eyes…and here, all this time, you thought chopsticks were just for eating with or poking your little brother.