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Hadn’t planned on writing a post today, but you know me and the weather. Just days ago we were tormented with temps back into the 90’s and today it’s grey-white overhead and drizzling.

Two houses down is a four-way stop. As I sit here working at my desk, I’ve heard a constant stream of screeching tires on wet pavement as the insane drivers here either don’t give themselves enough stopping room or have a lead foot on take off thus sending their wheels spinning nowhere.

Why is it so hard for people to remember that if it rains after a few weeks with no rain, the roads will be slick? Hello? Oil and water folks. It’s days like this when I’m glad I don’t live in one of the corner houses. I’d be expecting a car to plow into the house any minute.

Funny thing about rain in Southern California, it has no effect on the gardeners (unless it’s a true downpour which is rare). If it’s their day to cut the grass, they’ll show up and mow. Watching them try to blow the sidewalk and drive clear of cut grass and leaves was interesting since it was just wet enough to paste everything down. Raking is not something they do. Their desire to use only gasoline powered blowers must have to do with their same kind of love for chainsaws.

Once again, they skipped trimming the palm tree whose dead fronds are weighing on

No change in the palm since this photo on Sept. 27, 2012. Attractive backyard, no?

the electric/phone wires. This means it’s been a whole month since I spoke to the property manager about it (and the huge dead oak branch hanging over the front yard). Whoopee, I get to call and complain again. Not really. I’d like it if they’d just do what’s requested.

What’s really crumby is that they’re willing to haul their ladder and rake out of their truck in order to snag some avocados from the other tree. Of course that was last season when I caught them and informed them of the rules. Avocados are mine, dead palm fronds, theirs. As I’ve mentioned before, it doesn’t matter that I don’t eat them (I’d like to but they don’t like me), I trade them for such delicacies as Meyer lemons. So in my book, they’re taking money from me.

Trader Joe’s has Meyer lemons in the first quarter every year but they charge $2.99 for four! That’s about two pitchers of lemonade. I can get a bag full of fresh-picked from my friend S. in trade for a bag of avos. Yes, now I’m whining and moaning and people on the east coast have no power or heat. I’ll shut up.

Tomorrow I have a 1:10 p.m. appointment with the eye specialist for my follow up to the laser eye surgery of two weeks ago. Not looking forward to it since I’m sure they’ll be dilating and numbing my eyes. But much better that than going blind. I really hope there’s something interesting on their television and the sound is turned up. Reading is out with eyes dilated.

I’m amazed that there’s been no accident on the corner with all the slamming of breaks and spinning of tires. Of course it’s now getting dark (the one thing about winter I do not care for) so people may be driving more carefully. It’s 5 p.m. and almost dark 😦

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just two weeks away? I really need another month of this kind or weather to get in the mood. It was just Halloween for heaven’s sake! All the grocery circulars are already having their sales on turkeys. This is nice if you have a large freezer. I hope it won’t be a repeat of last year. All the turkeys were on sale the week before and then the next week when you actually needed one, nothing.

I did find that Albertson’s is carrying Pepperidge Farms dressing which makes me very happy. Brings back lots of memories. One year I tried the brand Mrs. Cubbison’s and was so disappointed in the texture and taste. And yes, I do cook a turkey even though it’s just me. Love turkey and dressing. More memories. Including the first time use of a crock pot and turkey breast. Disaster. All the others are good though 🙂

Since I noticed that Von’s has Butterballs for $10 (10-16 pound birds) while supplies last, I may just try to clear a spot in the freezer. By now, with my year and a half of salad for dinner, whatever’s in the freezer is probably a victim of freezer burn and not terribly edible. Gee, that was a money saving move my dear.

One must wonder though, if I’ve been in the minimal cooking rut for so long, can I pull myself out and remember how to make a turkey? Will I be motivated enough? I wonder myself. Am I trying to retrieve some shred of a life I no longer have? Maybe I’ll just make a pyrex or two of stuffing and call it Thanksgiving.

Okay, on those deep thoughts I’ll go, noting it’s now 5:30 and pitch dark and our drizzle has turned to a light rain. Stay warm and safe.