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I know, weird title for a post, but I think I’ve worn out “This and That” for a while. We’re getting a change of weather lately, as in the last three days. Nice and overcast with showers. Lovely and cool. Even had to pull out the antique silk quilt since the single red blanket wasn’t enough. I always marvel at how warm the silk quilt is, especially considering it has no batting. Just two layers of silk.

Of course, the wet roads mean our insane California drivers have been unleashed. I’ve heard more sirens in the last few days than in a sunny week. Literally! They’re operating their emergency sirens with a great deal of gusto too. Poor Mr. Blue, little guy hates those things. It’s probably his rabbit-sized radar-ears, sensitive things those.

Anyhow, I’ve been quite lazy and spent more time than I should have on Pinterest. I’ve rationalized it to myself by saying I haven’t been on that site for weeks now. Amazing how we can con ourselves isn’t it?

But I have to say that happily there was a lot of new material to look at. Of course I also spent an inordinate amount of time reading blogs and that was what drew me over to Pinterest to begin with. Visited Miss B’s Besotted Brand Blog and came across this post with a bushel basket full of links. I was a goner for five hours. Same story the next day…you know how one thing leads to another, I know you do. 🙂 That girl comes up with the very best links.

While visiting Besotted, I came across Tristan’s newest offering and LOVE it. The Luxe Correspondence Set. I can just see doing my own holiday and Christmas cards using the “merry” stamp on white panel card stock. Three “merry”s going vertically down the panel or simply use all three like Tristan did in this photo (lower right).

Photo Source: Besotted Brand Blog (no relation, just really like this!)

BTW she also has great posts and links on all things-calligraphy-ink and so on, check it out. But be forewarned, you may become lost for hours. 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot, I received the bill for the eye surgery on my retina. Once again, makes me glad I pay a fortune to keep at least minimal health insurance. The cost just for the retina specialist, assorted drops, zaps by a laser and so on…$1555!!! Whoa Nelly! Never expected that.

Fortunately, Blue Cross cut it down to $333.16. They didn’t pay anything since I still haven’t reached my incredibly obscene $8,000 deductible but what they hacked off was almost two and a half months premiums worth. So, with my little trip to the ER and now this, I’ve gotten almost a year’s worth of payments recouped so to speak. Hey, I have to look on the bright side.

On another totally unrelated note I have an over-the-top holiday dinner element for you. Ready? A 16 to 18 pound “natural bone-in smoked heritage ham for only $189.00 U.S. dollars. Shipping is free, but for $40.00 you can get next-day delivery.

A review of this noted “makes the best baked ham I’ve ever eaten. A&J uses Berkshire pigs, one of the most highly regarded of the heritage breeds.”… “The pork flavor and smokiness (also from apple wood and done to order) in the A&J ham were in perfect balance. Just as important, the moist meat still tasted great the next day–and the next and the next”. Here I thought Honey Baked Hams were a delicious though pricey luxury. Who knew?